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Whitewashing: Looking for Performers from All Backgrounds

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Jiang Feng 江峰 is creating a new performance piece about whitewashing toward Asian/Asian American people in the mainstream media in the United States. He is looking for performers from all kinds of racial and performing/performance art backgrounds, theater, acting, dance/movement and performance art. The performers should be comfortable with speaking and moving in performance. (Not necessarily “dancing.”) All of the performers will participate in the process of co-creating this work through guided or unguided exploration, improvisation and discussion.

The piece will be taking about whitewashing specifically through the lens of Asian/Asian American people due to Feng's life experience of the director/choreographer. However, whitewashing is a phenomenon and system that affects everyone in this structure. Although Asian/Asian American performers are highly encouraged to join, the conversation and participation are open to anyone who has ever been affected by this system, people with the identity of any race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and all the other cultural factors.

The center of this performance work will be the image of washing, racial colors, and the reproduction and mis/under/representation in the mainstream media, especially in the Hollywood films. Feng's works are mostly intimate and personal, also non-heteronormative. These will manifest themselves in the work and the rehearing process as well.

There will be an open rehearsal with all of the participants to finalize the future collaborators.

Work sample Eastern Body Diary 東方身體日記:

If interested, please email your resume, performance/dance videos/reel (if applicable) and a few photos of you to

Photography 攝影/Scott Shaw

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