“We yell. We low. We yellow.”

Yell-Low 黃黃/惶惶 is a provocative manifesto of the low visibility and socio-political status of Asians in the “West.” It is about how Asian people have had their own voices and rights to discourse in social and mainstream media taken away, how they are unable to tell their own stories, and how that affects their identities. The piece will use personal narratives about their own experiences toward whitewashing Asian erasure. Movement and embodiment is an important part of the corporeal truth of their loss--of how their skins, bodies, and presences are deprived in daily life and media representation.


《黃黃/惶惶》是一場亞洲人對於自身在「西方」處境的義憤控訴。在西方社會長期被忽略略、歧視、平面化,在主流媒體中被迫禁聲,無法訴說自己的故事,種種都影響到了了亞洲⼈人在其中的自我認同。本作希望能透過在美國生活與生長之各色亞洲⼈人的個⼈人敘事,訴說關於「洗白現象」(whitewashing)以及「亞洲人文化抹除」(Asian erasure)的種種現實。他們的身體,作為文化的載體,是找回他們日常生活以及媒體中失去之再現權(representation)的重要武器。

導演 Director & 編舞 Choreographer|江峰 Jiang Feng

表演者 Performer|江峰 Jiang Feng, Amy Liou, Anderson Wang, Bingcong Zhu, Jason Lee, Maria Fyntrilaki, Sayoko Kojima,

高慕曦 Mu-Hsi Kao, Zhiwei Wu

製作助理 Production Assistant|Amy Liou

〔過往演出 Past Performances〕

2019 Dixon Place, 紐約市 New York City

2019 New Work Series, Tada! Theater, 紐約市 New York City