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Wall-Floor Positions

In this videotape Nauman assumes a set of positions in relation to a wall and floor similar to those he had executed for an untitled 1965 performance, which he described as "standing with my back to the wall for about forty-five seconds or a minute, leaning out from the wall, then bending at the waist, squatting, sitting, and finally lying down. There were seven different positions in relation to the wall and floor. Then I did the whole sequence again standing away from the wall, facing the wall, then facing left and right. There were twenty-eight positions and the whole presentation lasted an hour."

Original Work 原作/Bruce Nauman


Live performance iteration of the work

in Bruce Nauman: Disappearing Acts at MoMA/MoMA PS1

October 16 2018 - February 25 2019

Wall/Floor Positions
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