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愛情前頭人們平等,愛情裡頭人們等待。 感謝傷害過自己的這個世界,它給了你雨,但也教會你撐傘,而人們總在絕望中遇見愛。 有一天,有個人會飄洋過海、翻山越嶺來愛你,必須是這麼相信著。 當那天到來,你們都不說話,只愛著。

Albeit all the scars and wounds we all bear from the past, we need to believe that one day someone is going to come with all of their hearts. At the same time, people with different sexuality are experiencing the exact same
torture and anxiety just as everyone else. Love is ultimate salvation for everyone.

編舞 Choreographer|江峰 Jiang Feng

共同編創 Co-creator|陳柏廷 Dustin Chen

舞者 Dancer|江峰 Jiang Feng、陳柏廷 Dustin Chen

燈光設計 Lighting Designer|李紹庭 Shao-Ting Lee

攝影 Cinematographer|蔡嘉宇 Jia-Yu Tsai

2015 國立臺灣大學 現代舞社 第十一屆《靈魂的浪》學生創作舞展

2015 “Groove in Soul” by Modern Dance Club of National Taiwan University

地點 Location|國立臺灣大學 臺大劇場(鹿鳴堂) National Taiwan University, NTU Theater (Luming Theater)

我們 Us|江峰編舞作品 Jiang Feng Choreography

我們 Us|江峰編舞作品 Jiang Feng Choreography

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