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Organ Play 器官嬉戲

What are sex and the sexual/sensual body? This work offers the audience empathic experiences of the tactile and aural sensation with the sensual choreography of the body and skin, re-imagining and re-defining human sexuality. What is dance? How can it be captured and appreciated in a different way?

Our body is a sexual organ.
Our body is our sex.


導演 Director|江峰 Jiang Feng

身體 Body|江峰 Jiang Feng、Eugene Taylor、Joe Adia、Victor Spielberg Verdejo

攝影 Cinematographer|Gabbi Hnizdo

音樂設計 Music Designer|Reed Shih-Hsin Liu 劉時新

剪輯 Editor|Gabbi Hnizdo

[影展 Film Festivals]

Performance Is Alive at Satellite Art Show NYC

Kicking & Screening: Dance Film Festival

Moving Body Festival

Organ Play 器官嬉戲
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