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I Have Become Me Now

Four Performances, four belongingness, four stories about immigrating from one country to another. Four performers, passing down the one set of garments, trying each one on with their own mind and will, testing the garments’ possibilities.  In the end, the last performer weaves the garments into a loom, forcing the garments back to fabrics, but they will never be fabrics again.  We will never be who we were again. Immigrants experienced so many difficulties, learned so many things and changed so much for the new country. They became their own community between two cultures. And that is okay, at least we are in this together.

行為藝術家 Performance Artist/YunRay Chung
服裝設計師 Fashion Designer/YunRay Chung
表演者 Performer/YunRay Chung、江峰 Jiang Feng、Chia-Hao Shen、Celine Lin
攝影 Photography/Steven Molina Contreras

地點 ​Location/Candy Studio NYC

NEW AMERICANA IV: I Have Become Me Now
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