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Lonely Being

In modern society, people are segregated and alienated from each other. The lonely nature of human being is amplified in this urban setting. All we can do it hold on to the transient encounter and wait for the eventual separation.




導演 Director|江峰 Jiang Feng

編舞 Choreographer|江峰 Jiang Feng、余香儒 Shannon Yu(香姊)、楊惠文、Ariel Shen

舞者 Dancer|江峰 Jiang Feng、余香儒 Shannon Yu(香姊)、楊惠文、Ariel Shen

攝影 Cinematographer|吳尚威、陳司翰、蔡傑曦 Chieh-Hsi Tsai、賴承彥 Brian Lai

剪輯 Editor|江峰 Jiang Feng


音樂 Music|We Lost The Sea - A Gallant Gentleman

Lonely Being
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