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A Bright Room Called Day

"The play is set in Germany in 1932 and 1933, and concerns a group of friends caught up in the events of the fall of the Weimar Republic and the rise to power of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. The plot is centered on a woman named Agnes Eggling, a middle-aged actress, and all of the action takes place in her apartment."



導演 Director|Jennifer Miller

舞臺設計 Stage Designer|Walter Dundervill

服裝設計 Costume Designer|Walter Dundervill

投影設計 Projection Designer|Clare Dolan

演員 Actor|Cathy James、Dana Sumner-Pritchard、江峰 Jiang Feng、Jeremy Wood、Kyle Hernandez、Nishan Ganimian、Sarah Shulman、Victor Spielberg Verdejo


*This is a workshop production of an elective course in Performance and Performance Studies M.F.A. program at Pratt Institute.

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