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Yell-Low 黃黃/惶惶 in New Work Series on 3/10

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

江峰 Jiang Feng is showing an excerpt of the new work-in-progress “Yell-Low 黃黃/惶惶” in the “New Work Series.” It’s about the mis/under-representation of Asians/Asian USians in daily life and also media, like Hollywood. It is going be fun and provocative. It is a mixture of text, acting, movement, technology and performance art.

The work will be intriguing to people who are interested in racial politics and stupidity of USian mass culture/media, Asians/Asian USians, people of color and all the allies.

The show is at 3/10 at 9 pm. There is a Q&A session after and the whole thing will end within an hour. So please don’t let the time discourage you.

New Work Series:

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