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《臺彎 Bent-Tai(www)》獲選即刻重演!"臺彎 Bent-Tai(www)" is coming back on 11/9!

《臺彎 Bent-Tai(www)》被選為2019臺北藝穗節即刻重演之藝穗五虎,於今年一百多個團體內只選出五組!請於11/9下午2:30來剝皮寮歷史街區觀看《臺彎 Bent-Tai(www)》的重演,將會有全新的舞臺設計以及精修過後的內容。

"臺彎 Bent-Tai(www)" is chosen to be re-produced on 11/9 at 2:30 P.M. at Bopiliao Historic Block. There are only five groups out of the more than a hundred productions. Please come to see it with a brand new stage design and refining of the original edition.

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